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  • >Ubuntu/Debian: Latest Wine Version

    >Although the ubuntu repositories get updated quite often, there still might be some old stuff there. And that’s the reason I’m writing this right now, the Wine version…. But never fear! Peppoj has come to rescue you! 😉 So to ensure you have the latest version of Wine you first need to head over to […]

  • >Speed up web browsing with Firefox/Swiftfox

    >Here’s a little article, like many others about firefox, on how to speed up the web browsing a little (specially if you are using a proxy). I will not go over what all the different parameters and settings mean, I’ll leave that for your googeling goodness 🙂Lets get cracking! 1.First of all you need to […]

  • >Xmoto game: Switch to rendering mode AKA ugly mode

    > Just press F9 during the game play and it will switch to rendering. This is a great way to save CPU for computers with low standards, personally use it because i think it’s easier to play that way.