Tag: Canary Islands

  • It Runs Linux!!

    When me and my family where on our way to the Canary Islands, i noticed something that made me really happy, the entertainment system on the airplane runs Linux!! I was watching Avatar and then suddenly the system rebooted, my first thought was that the system must probably run on some crappy windows version, but…

  • Cigarette?

    Lucky me 😀 Peppoj here again! As i have mentioned before, me and my family where on vacation on the Canary Islands and i took the time to check the cigarette prices, since i smoke. And guess what! A pack of Lucky’s was only 1,6 €!! and a carton 14,50 € It really shouldn’t be…

  • A Stroll Up Pico Bandama

    Me and my family where on vacation to the Canary Islands and where on a tour up in the mountains, Pico Bandama. Here’s some pics: