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  • Cigarette?

    Lucky me 😀 Peppoj here again! As i have mentioned before, me and my family where on vacation on the Canary Islands and i took the time to check the cigarette prices, since i smoke. And guess what! A pack of Lucky’s was only 1,6 €!! and a carton 14,50 € It really shouldn’t be […]

  • The Marlboro Man

    A little history lesson about the marlboro man

  • Yeah For Cigarettes!

    A cool humorous video i found on YouTube about children’s connection to smoking. It’s about two guys walking into a children’s playground and talking to the children about cigarette smoking and how cool it is.

  • Tobacco owns the World

    Tobacco fucking owns the world, including me. It’s impossible to have a walk on the street, go in to a supermarket and not see some ad for Marlboro or Level cigarettes. Can an addiction have such a big impact on society? Or is it something else? Like the economy today. I mean, think about it, […]

  • Smoke Up Kids!!

    Slightly misleading cigarette commercial