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  • Confessions of a SysOP – Linux Enthusiasm in the Enterprise Environment

    I used to be highly enthusiastic about open and free information technology, and I still am to some extent, but the workplace made me think critically in a new way. Ever since my first introduction to Linux a couple of years ago, running as a Knoppix Live DVD on my parents old HP 3GHz Pentium […]

  • How to: Mount remote storage using sshfs

    For me, SSH has replaced three very flaky protocols. Telnet (true story) for an networked shell, FTP handling simple file transfers and finally NFS mounting network attached storage. SSH provides the -encrypted- networked shell, handles simple file transfers using SCP or SFTP, and has the power to mount filesystems using SSHFS. All in one protocol! […]

  • Mount FTP-servers using CurlFTPFS in Linux

    Allot of us server/website administrators use FTP to quickly upload new files and changes to the server. But when you are tinkering with something on the server, and you quickly want to see the effect. It can be quite hectic when you have to login, upload changes and check several times. Especially when the FTP […]