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  • Safari 5 High Memory Usage Fixed?

    I noticed something the other day about Safari 5, There apparently is a new update available! 5.0.1 to be exact. And the best part is that it seems that this update has fixed the high memory usage, hurray!!  So if you are having trouble with high memory usage in Safari 5, just update it! I’m […]

  • Setup OpenDNS In Mac OS X

    There are several reasons you might want to use OpenDNS, the biggest two I use it is for speed and security, here I will show you how you can set it up on your Mac: Open system preferences and click “Network” Select your network interface and then click on “Advanced”. If you don’t know what network […]

  • Safari 5 High Memory Usage

    Hello World! As you probably know, the new Safari 5 has been released, and of course you have upgraded like i have. However I have noticed something really strange about that wasn’t in Safari 4 or 3, It can sometimes hang up, for quite a while. So I decided to check the Macintosh process manager […]

  • VLC Mac, Finally 64-Bit!!

    I noticed something a while ago when I was just about to steam some media content with VLC, a window pops up in my face about some update, and i said, ok, nothing special, updates come all the time. So i downloaded it and installed it as i always do, but then i got curious, […]

  • I Can Has MacBook?

    One night, when I was just about to go to bed, i closed down my MacBook, went to the bathroom, and when i came back, there was a lolcat sitting on my MacBook!! No, not really, it was just my kitty who decided that i would be a good idea to sit on solid ground […]