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  • How To: Mitigate Mozilla Firefox HTML5 Video Performance Issues

    A neat feature of the modern web is that Adobe Flash Player is (finally) starting to be replaced by HTML5 apps, and that includes video playback such as YouTube. During this change I have, among allot of other people on the Internet, noticed that our favorite browser is not yet optimized for this future proof […]

  • 64-Bit Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS X

    How long has it been? How long have we been waiting for a 64-bit Mozilla Firefox for mac? The Mozilla team and the community seem to have a problem with getting gecko 64-bit, but isn’t that already available for Linux and Windows? Come on! And i have heard some rumors about there not being a […]

  • Mozilla Firefox Tip: Changing the default MailTo Program

    If you use Mozilla Firefox, or any other web browser, you know that if you click a link that has the “mailto:[email protected]” as a value (in other words, a email link) it will launch a email client like iMail or Outlook, which in some cases you don’t want. So i came across this video on […]