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  • Securely Deploy SearxNG on Kubernetes

    Securely Deploy SearxNG on Kubernetes

    I am sure it is not news for anyone at this point, that the major search engine providers (namely Google Search, Micro$oft Bing etc) hoover up all the data they can get their hands on from their users/customers. The problem and data race has accelerated even further with the hunt for data for training large…

  • Kubernetes – Redis Deployment

    Kubernetes – Redis Deployment

    Need to quickly get started with Redis in your Kubernetes cluster? Here’s an deployment with service: Next, configure your Redis enabled application to use “redis-service” as it’s Redis endpoint. Cache them objects ?

  • Kubernetes – Passbolt Kubernetes Deployment

    Kubernetes – Passbolt Kubernetes Deployment

    Passbolt is great. It provides a secure and very useful interface for password/manual secret storage. Both the Firefox addon and iOS App works great, and are easy to setup and use. The available documentation explains installation on most platforms, including Ubuntu and Docker, but no “basic” Kubernetes deployment. With that said, I am aware of…

  • Kubernetes – Port-Forward To Kubernetes Service

    Kubernetes – Port-Forward To Kubernetes Service

    Kubernetes service only available inside the cluster? Do you need to connect and test something? Port-forward from your client to the cluster! Only using kubectl. The syntax is as follows: So let’s say you want to connect to a MySQL Service only available in the cluster network. And the service is called “mysql-service”: The MySQL…