• Kubernetes – Redis Deployment

    Kubernetes – Redis Deployment

    Need to quickly get started with Redis in your Kubernetes cluster? Here’s an deployment with service: Next, configure your Redis enabled application to use “redis-service” as it’s Redis endpoint. Cache them objects ?

  • Kubernetes – Passbolt Kubernetes Deployment

    Kubernetes – Passbolt Kubernetes Deployment

    Passbolt is great. It provides a secure and very useful interface for password/manual secret storage. Both the Firefox addon and iOS App works great, and are easy to setup and use. The available documentation explains installation on most platforms, including Ubuntu and Docker, but no “basic” Kubernetes deployment. With that said, I am aware of…

  • Docker – Host Your Own Private Container Registry

    Docker – Host Your Own Private Container Registry

    Docker Hub (hub.docker.com) provides a great and Free service for pushing, and pulling of course, Docker containers. Many of the major software providers use Docker Hub for their primary container distribution, and you yourself can create an account and push your own images. They do, however, only allow one free private repository. This may not…

  • Kubernetes – VIM Customized for YAML Editing

    Kubernetes – VIM Customized for YAML Editing

    I don’t always have access to my customized Visual Studio Code IDE when I quickly need to edit or create some new Kubernetes deployment or ingress for example. Keeping track of tabs, spaces and object position (!!!) is quite tricky in VIM’s default setup. Below are some settings that can lighten the burden and mimic…