>HI-FI industry and a HDTV rant…

>The Hi-Fi industry is far behind in my opinion, and i base that on the fact that some DVDs out there (if not all of them) still use MPEG/MPEG2! Isn’t that strange? Why use the same codec as VCD?

And the worst thing about it is that the HDTV network here in Sweden also uses MPEG2! Who the hell was in charge when they decided that!

I mean, almost all of the HDTV satellites uses MPEG4, why can’t we use that, here on the ground! I really wounder how this is going to turn out in the end, the day when everyone is tired of the same old 720p/1080i and wants someting better, like 1080p? What then? Cause then they can’t use their trusty MPEG2 (god forbid if someone stops using it!).

So my final verdict is…. they are screwed! It doesn’t matter what kind of format or codec they use, they still need to change it one day or another. What a day that would be, when every single Swede get’s the news that they need to change that little black box under their HDTV…. For a small fee….

Well this turned out to be a very strange post… Anyway, leave a comment if you have an opinion about this!


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