Google Advanced Search: Google Site Search – Search Website Contents

Lesser Ury - Reader With Magnifying GlassIts quite an annoyance when you badly need a search feature, and it just doesn’t exist. When all you got is confusing menus, crappy graphics and giant (foolish) listings. Google has a very useful feature that helps out, that I don’t see used very often. Its called Google Site Search.

To use this feature, simply type:
site: [websitehere] [Search Query]
in the Google search bar and press Enter.

Google will return, in its cold and calculating glory, results relevant to the query WITHIN the website given. Provided that Google has thoroughly indexed the page(s) you are looking for.

Another Bonus with this feature, is the ability to roughly see the total amount of pages the site has. Although, as stated above, Googles indexing plays a crucial role.

This time, type:
site: [websitehere]
(Enter) and that’s it!

If you take a look under the search bar, you’ll see something like: About (big number) results. That’s the estimate.

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