Kubernetes – Quick Pod Shell Access With Kubeshell

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Entering the bash/sh shell in an Kubernetes container can look like this:

kubectl exec -it my-pod --container main-app -- /bin/bash

Or.. You can keep it simple with Kubeshell

> kubeshell
 Pick your pod:
    NAME                                                              READY   STATUS             RESTARTS   AGE

    wordpress-769bfc894d-qc4z2                         1/1     Running   0               6d1h
 => app1377-66655bf4b5-mhldt                           1/1     Running   0               6h12m
    application1-6d466d7b-cm7r4                        1/1     Running   0               6h7m
    application2-57c6c89c58-jhbv6                      1/1     Running   0               4h12m

Press enter and you’re [hacker voice] in.

GITHub.com/roubles is the author of kubeshell

Easily install with pip:

pip install kubeshell

Hack away! 👾

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