Sync your iTerm2 Settings and Configs between devices


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My favorite terminal emulator is, and always has been, iTerm2. Setting custom key mappings, split view, tab view and copy mode are just a few nice features I use on a daily basis.

It would, however, be a very sad day if I were to lose my custom settings. Backup is, as always, your friend.


As with other macOS applications, settings are saved within a .plist file. This is true for iTerm2 as well. The .plist file is nothing more than, as file puts it, a XML 1.0 document text, ASCII text. In other words, a text file with XML markup.

Being a text file, it can be easily managed and version controlled with Git.

Save / Load Preferences

Head over to Settings > General > Preferences

iTerm2 prefs

Check the setting Load preferences from a custom folder or URL, browse to a safe location (such as a git controlled directory) and set Save changes to Automatically.

Now your settings are safe 🔒

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