Author: root

  • Hello Kitty!!

    A cosy soft Hello Kitty teddy, with a gorgeous bear costume!

  • New Dead Weather Album!!!

    There’s a new Dead Weather album out!!! And this one is called “Sea of Cowards” Here’s the track listing: Blue Blood Blues Hustle And Cuss The Difference Between Us I’m Mad Die by the Drop (Single) I Can’t Hear You Gasoline No Horse Looking at the Invisible Man Jawbreaker Old Mary

  • Remove Page Loading Delay In Safari 4

    Getting annoyed by the Safari page loading delay? Then why not decrease it? It would be unwise to remove it completely, but here’s the terminal command to decrease it from 1 to 0.25 defaults write WebKitInitialTimedLayoutDelay 0.25

  • Mozilla Firefox Addon Tip #3 – Fasterfox

    Mozilla firefox running slow? Don’t know why? Don’t wanna mess around in about:config Getting frustrated? Well then, just install the “Fasterfox” plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Fasterfox adds all kinds of network and graphic tweaks to your web browsers settings and makes it a hole lot faster! Here’s the link: Tell me what you think […]

  • May Day!!

    Let’s get drunk and run around aimlessly!