Category: Security

  • How To: Redirect HTTP Traffic to Proxy Using iptables

    Proxy Madness Using Squid or any other proxy for transparent caching/filtering of HTTP traffic has many benefits, being for logging purposes or the aforementioned use-cases, keeping every client configured can be a nuance. Networking equipment from Cisco and Juniper has the ability to redirect all passing HTTP traffic, in IOS and JunOS respectively, to the […]

  • Client side Security, How’s My SSL? (.com)

    Years ago, Moxie Marlinspike taught us that web-browser hints such as a “lock icon” in the address bar, didn’t guarantee ciphered communication. Since the website you are visiting still happily falls back to plain http since you, the user, made an effort to not be redirected from a clear to ciphered session… Not really. Man-In-The-Middle […]

  • iPhone App: Privacy PGP Messenger – Sending GPG/PGP Signed Email

    Ever since I first dove down into the many protocol specifications of a typical email-setup. I noticed that there is very little (no) privacy, and (absolutely) no security. Sure, most protocols can be “tunneled” through SSL/TLS in the Session and Presentation Layer. But how can you guarantee message integrity when it relays off to another […]

  • How To: Avoid password theft, Faceraping, Email hijacks etc. On public networks

    Has your email been blacklisted? Does your forum-posts suddenly contain nothing but kittens? Did your relationship status become same-sex over night? Well, physical access to your box may be the answer to most of these scenarios. But everything you send on public wire, in plain-text that is, has the potential to be sniffed out or […]

  • Tunnel HTTP traffic encrypted, using Polipo and SSH

    SSH can be used to do allot of great things. Login remotely, transfer files with scp and run single commands for a quick fix. All encrypted! Another great and well-known feature of SSH is SSH tunnelling. SSH tunneling can be used to tunnel any kind of traffic, and in this guide I’ll focus on HTTP […]