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  • Dovecot – Filter Email To Folders

    Dovecot – Filter Email To Folders

    Dovecot Sieve is a powerful email filtering tool that allows you to automatically sort, move, or even delete emails based on predefined rules. Here’s how you can use Dovecot Sieve to filter emails based on specific criteria: Step 1: Create a sieve script Create a new sieve script by opening a text editor and saving […]

  • How To: Redirect HTTP Traffic to Proxy Using iptables

    Proxy Madness Using Squid or any other proxy for transparent caching/filtering of HTTP traffic has many benefits, being for logging purposes or the aforementioned use-cases, keeping every client configured can be a nuance. Networking equipment from Cisco and Juniper has the ability to redirect all passing HTTP traffic, in IOS and JunOS respectively, to the […]

  • GPIO Sensors Fun – Keyes DS18b20 1-Wire for the Raspberry Pi

    I’ve been using my Raspberry Pi as a replacement for another bulky server/heating element I used two years ago. Since then, the Credit Card sized hardware with it’s 8 Gigabyte SD-card, has endured the role of a NTP, DNS, OpenVPN, HTTP and SSH-terminal server. With no crashes or slowdowns (within expectable limits) to speak of, […]

  • The Old Reader (RSS Reader) – Best Online RSS Alternative, after Google Reader Discontinuation

    I personally check RSS-feeds every day and ever since Google Reader got discontinued a while back, I’ve found a viable alternative, The Old Reader. The service easily allowed me to import my old feeds through an OPML-file, and even gave me instructions how to export my Google Reader feeds. The service does not (yet) offer […]

  • How To: Monitor NetCat File Upload Progress using PV

    Using NetCat to upload files can sometimes be handy, however it would be awesome if you could track the upload ETA and not just stare patiently for a prompt. PV, or “Pipe Viewer”, is a handy little command that allows you to track the progress of any Unix pipe. Using it as an replacement for […]