Category: Music

  • Bad Religion – Fast-Paced & Soft-Core

    According to the rumors, and very brief investigation, I have heard and read about this band. The origin of their sound is underground, and far from the mainstream. I was born to late, or perhaps in the wrong culture, to experience them first hand. I have not had the luxury, nor the age, to experience […]

  • Linkin Park – Living Things – Personal & Emotional

    For me, Linkin Park has -along other great bands- always been with me. At the end of my pre-teen, through my long teenage years, to today. The alternative rap rock sound spoke to me from the moment, a young version of myself, turned on the kitchen cassette-radio and heard their smash hit Somewhere I Belong […]

  • The Dead Weather – Indie, with a touch of Blues

    First came Jack White of The White Stripes, and left a permanent musical mark on my soul. Then Alison Mosshart of The Kills, turned the blunted scar into a vibrant tattoo. Put the two individuals together, and I can no longer differ between Melancholy and Happiness. The Dead Weather, with their two studio albums Horehound […]

  • The Ting Tings – Indie Rock Goodness

    After their smash hit That’s not my name in 2008, Julian De Martino and Katie White of The Ting Tings, has stayed on my portables ever since. Tingling pop, screamin’ rock and a touch of dance. This pop-rock-punk-indie duo has delivered a nearly complete package, that is open for further exploration. With the release of […]

  • A Week to Remeber – Peace and Love 2012, Borlänge Sweden

    Camping in the rain, going to awesome concerts, drinking, partying and just screwing around. Peace and Love music festival 2012 in Borlänge Sweden is a week to remember. Bands seen (In no particular order): Timbuktu (SWE) Rise Against Stephen Marley Regina Spektor Slagsmålsklubben (SWE) The Subways Mumford & Sons Wolfmother My Morning Jacket Rebecca & […]