Bad Religion – Fast-Paced & Soft-Core

Bad Religion Live

According to the rumors, and very brief investigation, I have heard and read about this band. The origin of their sound is underground, and far from the mainstream. I was born to late, or perhaps in the wrong culture, to experience them first hand.

I have not had the luxury, nor the age, to experience the exiting development of punk. From underground to -semi- mainstream. Mosh pitting at the local pub, catching signed paper CD-cases, getting drunk and fucked up. Nice guys finish last.

In February of this year I discovered a new band called, Bad Religion.

From the few (six) albums I’ve managed to get my hands on, and listen to. I have to admit that I really enjoy the fast paced and soft core punk sound, that this band produces.

Underground or not, I still think the rebellious, anti-theistic, down to earth lyrics of this band will always be relevant. Stylish tempo and an honest attempt to fit the lyrical drama to it, keeps these guys on my iPhone’s flash memory. Welcome to the New Dark Ages.

Favorite Tracks

  1. Heroes & Martyrs
  2. Lookin’ In
  3. Better Off Dead
  4. The Resist Stance
  5. Social Suicide
  6. Materialist
  7. Germs Of Perfection
  8. Portrait Of Authority
  9. 21st Century (Digital Boy)
  10. Avalon
  11. Los Angeles Is Burning
  12. Bored And Extremely Dangerous

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