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  • Muse, The 2nd Law – New and Cocky

    Ever since Supermassive Black Hole and Knights of Cydonia, Muse has been the comforting and cool part of my playlist. The almost Opera-ish voice of Matthew Bellamy, with him and Christopher Wolstenholme‘s generic to inspiring guitar-riffs. Muse made their sixth mighty comeback with new symphony-rock, heavy beats and (brace yourself) dubstep-ish flavors. Which is, luckily, […]

  • Swinging Rock, Smooth Blues – Creedence Clearwater Revival

    It’s only quite recently I started listening to CCR, but they’ve been jammin’ in the background through my childhood. With my mother born in the 1950s, there’s occasionally been *Green River* or perhaps *I heard it through the grapevine* jammin’ in the background. With my tiny feet running back and forth on the living-room floor. […]

  • Bad Religion – Fast-Paced & Soft-Core

    According to the rumors, and very brief investigation, I have heard and read about this band. The origin of their sound is underground, and far from the mainstream. I was born to late, or perhaps in the wrong culture, to experience them first hand. I have not had the luxury, nor the age, to experience […]

  • Linkin Park – Living Things – Personal & Emotional

    For me, Linkin Park has -along other great bands- always been with me. At the end of my pre-teen, through my long teenage years, to today. The alternative rap rock sound spoke to me from the moment, a young version of myself, turned on the kitchen cassette-radio and heard their smash hit Somewhere I Belong […]

  • A Week to Remeber – Peace and Love 2012, Borlänge Sweden

    Camping in the rain, going to awesome concerts, drinking, partying and just screwing around. Peace and Love music festival 2012 in Borlänge Sweden is a week to remember. Bands seen (In no particular order): Timbuktu (SWE) Rise Against Stephen Marley Regina Spektor Slagsmålsklubben (SWE) The Subways Mumford & Sons Wolfmother My Morning Jacket Rebecca & […]