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  • Gosigt musiktips! By Idaho

  • Music & Smokes

    Just a small, insignificant photo-project I made. Unplanned and completely on-the-fly. As always, in my amateur approach, I take 30 pictures of the same object. Then I pick 2-5 photos that I’ll use in the final product. Clumsy and time-consuming, I know, but it’s how I do things and what I’m used to. BTW, the thumbnails are clickable […]

  • Break Down The Wall

    All people in life once or twice comes to a point where they have to move forward, even though their instincts are telling them not to. They have to “Break down the wall” so to speak, that big fat brick wall in front of them, that’s blocking them from moving forward. In other words, you have to […]

  • Linkin Park? Is That You?

    Hello everyone, I have some exiting news for ya (may be old to you by now). Linkin Park has released a NEW album! Which includes their single “The Catalyst”. I’m not sure what to think about this album, but I know one thing for sure, it sure is DIFFERENT. I mean, it’s not bad, but… […]

  • How to: Extract Audio From Video Using ffmpeg

    So, you want to extract some audio from a video ey? Sure! No problem! You can do just that using ffmpeg, here’s the command string. In this example, i’ll extract the whole audio track to a mp3 file, with a 320k bit (constant) rate and 44100hz audio rate (high quality mp3): ffmpeg -i “whatever.format” -vn […]