Music & Smokes

Just a small, insignificant photo-project I made. Unplanned and completely on-the-fly. As always, in my amateur approach, I take 30 pictures of the same object. Then I pick 2-5 photos that I’ll use in the final product. Clumsy and time-consuming, I know, but it’s how I do things and what I’m used to.
BTW, the thumbnails are clickable 🙂


Vinyl Listening Nr1Vinyl Listening Nr2Vinyl Listening Nr3

Music Playing: Green Day, 21st Century Breakdown. Disc One, Side B
Turntable: Numark TTUSB (Not “High-End”, but gets the job done)

Smokes… *Cough*

MarlboroNZippo Nr1MarlboroNZippo Nr2MarlboroNZippo Nr3

With it’s simple, chrome and nostalgic look. Zippo sets the mood

All photos were taken using a iPhone 4s camera, and downloaded to computer over WiFi. Using the “WiFi photo” app for iPhone.

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