iPhone App: WiFi Photo Transfer (Free) – Send iPhone photos over WiFi

WiFi Photo TransferSharing photos with an iPhone is easy. Just plug it into a Mac, PC or (depending on libimobiledevice) Linux. The phone should be, after a very unexciting driver install, recognized as some sort of digital camera or similar, by the system. The age of Wireless is here, and tangly wires should only be used for charging. This is were wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi come in.

WiFi Photo Transfer (Free) is a very useful application for iPhone that lets you transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer over WiFi. It does this by acting like a web-server on the device, and can be accessed by any computer on the network using a web-browser.

Notable features presented by the creator, Voxeloid Kft.

  • Select and transfer multiple photos at once
  • EXIF metadata is retained in mass-download mode, not in one-by-one mode
  • Optional password protection for the web interface
  • Can also be used to download short videos
  • Transfer in full resolution or scaled down
  • No extra software required

Simply download and install the app. Visit the address presented on-screen and download away. Its been a bit slow and buggy in my experience, but gets the job done.

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