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  • Docker – Simple Registry Web UI With Docker-Registry-UI From Joxit

    Docker – Simple Registry Web UI With Docker-Registry-UI From Joxit

    Hosting your own Docker registry is great, it’s just that… It’s pretty anonymous. You don’t really get to see how many images you have, or their tags, or image digests etc. Unless you want to send manual GET requests via CURL, you can use joxit/docker-registry-ui. Add the following to “ui service” to your existing registry […]

  • RoundCube – Enable Desktop Notifications

    RoundCube – Enable Desktop Notifications

    One feature I really missed, when moving accounts from GMail to self-hosted E-Mail, was the desktop notification feature from the web interface. Luckily, github.com/stremlau/ has solved this for us with a RoundCube Plugin. You will need to have GIT installed on the webserver in order for this tutorial to work. HowTo: Become Root Change directory […]

  • iPhone App: WiFi Photo Transfer (Free) – Send iPhone photos over WiFi

    Sharing photos with an iPhone is easy. Just plug it into a Mac, PC or (depending on libimobiledevice) Linux. The phone should be, after a very unexciting driver install, recognized as some sort of digital camera or similar, by the system. The age of Wireless is here, and tangly wires should only be used for […]