RoundCube – Enable Desktop Notifications

One feature I really missed, when moving accounts from GMail to self-hosted E-Mail, was the desktop notification feature from the web interface. Luckily, has solved this for us with a RoundCube Plugin.

You will need to have GIT installed on the webserver in order for this tutorial to work.


Become Root

sudo -i || sudo su

Change directory to RoundCube Plugins

cd /path/to/roundcube/plugins

Clone the html5_notifier repo

git clone

Hop to config directory

cd ../config

Edit RoundCube config file


Create or append ‘html5_notifier’ to array

$config['plugins'] = array('html5_notifier'); // Create or..
$config['plugins'] = array('{Plugin1}', 'html5_notifier'); // Append

Restart the webserver for the changes to take effect.

systemctl restart nginx || systemctl restart otherWebserver

Login to your RoundCube WebGUI and navigate to:
Settings > Preferences > Mailbox View
And click Test next to Configure browser

Enjoy! 💌

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