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  • RoundCube – Enable Desktop Notifications

    RoundCube – Enable Desktop Notifications

    One feature I really missed, when moving accounts from GMail to self-hosted E-Mail, was the desktop notification feature from the web interface. Luckily, github.com/stremlau/ has solved this for us with a RoundCube Plugin. You will need to have GIT installed on the webserver in order for this tutorial to work. HowTo: Become Root Change directory […]

  • WordPress Plugin – WP Minify

    WordPress is great. It does all of the hard work for you, manages Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Layout etc. All of that is great and all, but it could be better. The code contains allot of spaces, comments and other crap that isn’t necessary. One solution would be to open up all of the files […]

  • WordPress Plugin – Google Analytics for WordPress

    Finding it hard to add you’r Google analytics code to you’r WordPress page? Well then, this is the answer for you! There actually is a WordPress plugin for just that, and it’s called “Google Analytics for WordPress”, the name says it all! As always, install it either trough the WordPress dashboard or download it HERE, […]

  • WordPress Plugin – DB Cache Reloaded

    I have tried a number of cache plugins for wordpress, but DB Cache Reloaded has been the best one so far. It caches SQL database requests rather than whole pages, which is how WP Super Cache works, using less memory. This plugin CAN be used with WP Super cache if you really want to, but […]