Category: Tattoo

  • Tattoo – Trust No One

    There’s always room for a classic, same artist as before. Trust No One.

  • Tattoo – Rose Scorpion

    All the love to my new found obsession, Artist @marcusdixon and his scetch Poisonous Romance. Now permanently tattooed to my left arm <3

  • Tattoo – Mora

    With my long-lived fascination of rustic things, I decided to ink an old fashioned Mora Knife across my left arm. It turned out amazing. The tongue like a sharp knife… Kills without drawing blood.

  • Tattoo – Blossom, Beauty

    I couldn’t resist, I did it again. My pale skin has, once again, been decorated with some beautiful blossom. All done by the same Artist, as last time, William @pastilliam Beauty I sometimes feel, Inked across my arm

  • Tattoo – Gramophone, The First One is Free

    Got my first tattoo a week back, after a year of pondering what I didn’t want, I figured it out. What could symbolize ME better than a Gramophone? With something inspired by Old School, and the machine from the His Masters Voice logo. I have to thank my tattooer William (Pastilliam on Instagram) for putting…