Tag: Music

  • Got Some More Records

    In the last couple of days i’ve been a bit bored, so I decided to go out and buy some records! 🙂 Here’s the ones i got: Hardcore Superstar – Bad Sneakers And A Piña Colada CSS – Donkey

  • The Dead Weather – Sea Of Cowards Vinyl LP

    I LOVE THE DEAD WEATHER!! THEY ARE JUST AMAZING!!! Ok, enough of that. As you can see, I recently bought the Dead Weather’s latest LP, Sea Of Cowards. It’s a great record, which also includes their single “Die by the Drop”.

  • Oooooh A Gift? For me?

    I almost forgot to mention, that when me and my family came home from our vacation, i got a present from my sister! And guess what it was? A record!! Alice Cooper – Greatest Hits! I’m so happy! 😀

  • I Love Records

    If there is anything i Love (♥) just as much as my girlfriend, it is vinyl records! In fact, i just bought a new record the other day! It’s Avenged Sevenfolds debut album, a excellent record indeed!

  • Got some NEW vinyl!

    The thumbs are clickable Yes, I got some new vinyl records! Here’s the ones i got: Green Day – Twentifirts Century Breakdown Billy Talent – II Hardcore Superstar – Unknown Album