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  • Vinyl or CD?

    I did a little research on what music format people prefer, and here’s my results so far: Name: Age: Vinyl or CD?: Adrene 50> Vinyl Jan 40> Vinyl Per 50> Vinyl Agneta 50> CD Anna 20> CD Richard 20> CD Kerstin 50> CD Chanette 20> CD Thomas 40> CD Karin 40> CD I’m quite surprised that CD is so…

  • Hey, I'm in a Band!

    The thumb is clickable I had a quite exciting day today, me and my band played live! It’s not the first time we have played live, but this time we certainly had a bigger audience than anytime before. We only played two songs, and the crowd seemed to like it 🙂 Here’s the songs that…

  • New Dead Weather Album!!!

    There’s a new Dead Weather album out!!! And this one is called “Sea of Cowards” Here’s the track listing: Blue Blood Blues Hustle And Cuss The Difference Between Us I’m Mad Die by the Drop (Single) I Can’t Hear You Gasoline No Horse Looking at the Invisible Man Jawbreaker Old Mary