Category: Sensitive

  • Toxicity, ramblings revisited

    Running uphill, glooming into the abyss, momentary bliss and [insert cliche here]. Old habits are hard to break. Because who needs boredom, new ideas and short for-the-hell-of-it experiments when there are so many distractions to pay attention to. All for the sweet prosperous addictions spanning an entire pink-ish spectrum of caffeinated fizzy goo, potent brownsticks and…

  • TheThinkingAtheist – Afterlife

    YouTube video “Afterlife”, by TheThinkingAtheist Original (YouTube) Description

  • You Cannot Win – Its All In The Numbers

    From the predetermined consequence of an electronic slot machine, to all the advanced algorithms that recommend what entertainment to consume. Mankind’s vision of a predetermined destiny changes significantly. Rather than being of a supposed divine essence -divinity created by humans to begin with- it misfires and is rationally interpreted as man-made phenomena. This in turn can perhaps have a negative effect when culture, human activity,…

  • Goodbye 2011 – America in despair

    I have never analyzed a past year as much as I do now, as to question why has been answered by my closest family and relatives. In a tone of my, supposed, increased maturity and experience in life. Regardless of their perception, it seems that I’m not alone when it comes to the greatest nation on…

  • New Year, New Experience

    Its the last day of 2011, all those hectic days of december has past, and everyone are about to ring in the new year. With a bang! Lets just sit back, relax and look att what you have learned all this time. Before the rockets are lit, Champagne popped and Cigar puffed.