Goodbye 2011 – America in despair

US States and CapitalsI have never analyzed a past year as much as I do now, as to question why has been answered by my closest family and relatives. In a tone of my, supposed, increased maturity and experience in life. Regardless of their perception, it seems that I’m not alone when it comes to the greatest nation on earth. The United States of America.

Perhaps it is only related to my personal interests, but I sense a touch of melancholy and despair whenever I hear about this country’s place in the world. Slight repression of the people, corporate empires, obesity epidemics, ridiculously high debts and idiotic conspiracy theories. Somewhere, underneath the stupidity, I sometimes come across illuminating substance. That shift my focus for a while.

I came across a video by one of my favorite composers, TheAmazingAtheist. I’ll admit right away that I don’t always agree with all the conclusions he makes. Many of his videos contains to much rambling for my taste. However, he sometimes bring up very good points that speak to me. Such as this video:


See what I mean by Despair?

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