You Cannot Win – Its All In The Numbers

Slot MachineFrom the predetermined consequence of an electronic slot machine, to all the advanced algorithms that recommend what entertainment to consume. Mankind’s vision of a predetermined destiny changes significantly. Rather than being of a supposed divine essence -divinity created by humans to begin with- it misfires and is rationally interpreted as man-made phenomena. This in turn can perhaps have a negative effect when culture, human activity, is involved. No futile, insensitive, code-strip should decide what I want to see and hear. 

The little code-babies have had their own sandbox to play and mature in, carefully monitored by their coder-parents. Engineers and Analysts pluck the adolescents to create the ultimate, bulletproof product. Which get the mandatory Company Secret stamp and patented to the point of absurdity. A new, non-human, shepherd decides what is Hot or Not. Pop-culture 2.0.

Even though the most popular search-engine on the planet, Google, announce that they are going to rank pages on a more “Social” level from now on. Many other, non-Google, online companies are relying on a more automated process.

Long and complicated scripts of code, fetching their variables from online applications. Sending recommendations and making money, using nothing more than the human activity of clicking Thumbs up, Like or Star.

You cannot win, its all in the numbers. There is no secret to winning that slot machine.

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