Break Down The Wall

All people in life once or twice comes to a point where they have to move forward, even though their instincts are telling them not to. They have to “Break down the wall” so to speak, that big fat brick wall in front of them, that’s blocking them from moving forward. In other words, you have to swallow your cowardess and JUST DO IT.

Me, Myself and I have faced, just like you, this brick wall. It blocked me from doing allot of things in life I could have done. Asking that special someone to dance, Singing in front of that crowd, Performing that kick-ass guitar solo. No, not today, not tomorrow, never. That DAMN brick wall was in the way, it seemed to high to climb over, to deep to dig under. Stretching in both directions, left and right to infinity.

Then I realized, what could possibly go wrong? Turned down? Squeaky voice? Failing? Sure, but does it matter? No it doesn’t! If she turns you down, shes not interested. If your voice goes up in falsetto, you need more practice. If you break a guitar string, you need to change it. As soon as you realize that you have nothing to lose, you don’t have to climb or dig, just walk right through it.

Now get out there, and make it happen!

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