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  • ReadThenBurn – Send Temporary and Secret Messages

    ReadThenBurn – Send Temporary and Secret Messages

    When Universal Clipboard is not enough, and GPG to complicated. Sometimes, you need to send a quick (private) and temporary message that is only valid for a short period. With no permanent storage, data analysis etc. I have published a super simple service for doing just that. It’s called Read Then Burn and, as the […]

  • Kubernetes – Simple CronJob for MySQL/MariaDB Backup

    Kubernetes – Simple CronJob for MySQL/MariaDB Backup

    No Secret, No Configmap, No Fuzz. Just a command and args one-liner that gets the job done, day after day, with an invaluable result on the day that you reaaaally need it. Example Backup Cron: This will create a daily job (00:00, 12AM) that runs container image “mysqldump”, generously authored by It will store […]

  • How To: Resolve Multicast DNS (mDNS) using Dig in Linux

    Sometimes it can be nice to verify that the hostname on your box (printer, raspberry pi, whatever) is resolving to the correct IP-address on the LAN. Whether it’s published via Avahi, Bonjour or something similar. An mDNS request resolves to. IPv4 address or IPv6 address ff02::fb UDP port 5353 This can be achieved with […]

  • How To: Mitigate Mozilla Firefox HTML5 Video Performance Issues

    A neat feature of the modern web is that Adobe Flash Player is (finally) starting to be replaced by HTML5 apps, and that includes video playback such as YouTube. During this change I have, among allot of other people on the Internet, noticed that our favorite browser is not yet optimized for this future proof […]

  • How To: Redirect HTTP Traffic to Proxy Using iptables

    Proxy Madness Using Squid or any other proxy for transparent caching/filtering of HTTP traffic has many benefits, being for logging purposes or the aforementioned use-cases, keeping every client configured can be a nuance. Networking equipment from Cisco and Juniper has the ability to redirect all passing HTTP traffic, in IOS and JunOS respectively, to the […]