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  • Mozilla Firefox Addon Tip #3 – Fasterfox

    Mozilla firefox running slow? Don’t know why? Don’t wanna mess around in about:config Getting frustrated? Well then, just install the “Fasterfox” plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Fasterfox adds all kinds of network and graphic tweaks to your web browsers settings and makes it a hole lot faster! Here’s the link: http://fasterfox.mozdev.org/ Tell me what you think […]

  • Mozilla Firefox Addon Tip #2 – Firebug

    Hi! I’ve got another firefox addon for you, this one is called “Firebug” and it’s a web debugging tool. I use it primarily for viewing HTML objects, all i have to is to start up firebug and “point and click” the object that i’m interested in and there i go, pure HTML for my eyes, […]

  • Mozilla Firefox Addon Tip #1 – Download YouTube Videos +

    Yes, I know what you are thinking, yet another YouTube download addon for firefox, how can this one be any different? How you ask? Well everything!! This plugin for firefox does not only download files from YouTube, it will download media files from ANY source, as long as you can see i playing, such as […]