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  • AXFR.se – Fresh .SE/.NU Domains

    AXFR.se – Fresh .SE/.NU Domains

    Zonedata for the domain name TLD:s .SE and .NU are completely open and freely available to the public. They can be transferred from zonedata.iis.se: More information available at: https://zonedata.iis.se/ With this free information, I created the site https://www.axfr.se. Where I present newly added .SE and .NU domains. All published diffs are compared with Zonedata from […]

  • How To: Resolve Multicast DNS (mDNS) using Dig in Linux

    Sometimes it can be nice to verify that the hostname on your box (printer, raspberry pi, whatever) is resolving to the correct IP-address on the LAN. Whether it’s published via Avahi, Bonjour or something similar. An mDNS request resolves to. IPv4 address or IPv6 address ff02::fb UDP port 5353 This can be achieved with […]