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  • Self-Indulgent Commotion – A Life In Pictures

    No poetry, short stories, novels or text of any sort. Just pictures. Emotions and rationality expressed in JPEGs and GIFs, topped of with loosely associated hashtags. A mixed genre covering music, beauty, pleasure and freedom. With a subtle but noticeable hipster tone. The aesthetic masterpiece IdaEleonora@Tumblr is worth checking out. She has mastered the simple […]

  • How To: Save Disk Space, Bandwidth and Load Time on Website Images Using Smushit.com

    If you are a web developer you know the importance of disk space, bandwidth and load time when it comes to images. And it will become increasingly important latter when web 2.0 becomes standard among with HTML5. You need a way to compress the images, and I don’t mean resizing the image, which can also […]