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  • Safari 5 High Memory Usage Fixed?

    I noticed something the other day about Safari 5, There apparently is a new update available! 5.0.1 to be exact. And the best part is that it seems that this update has fixed the high memory usage, hurray!!  So if you are having trouble with high memory usage in Safari 5, just update it! I’m […]

  • Mac OS X: How To Open The Terminal

    So you have just found a great article online that requiers you to have access to the Mac OS X terminal, but where is it? No worries, i’ll show you. Open “Finder” Open “Applications” Open “Utilities” And finally, open “Terminal”

  • Safari Web-Browser: How To Backup Your Bookmarks

    There might be several reasons you might want to backup your bookmarks in Safari, first of course to back them up or move them to another Mac. Some steps in this tutorial might seem complicated at first, but trust me, it’s really simple. Open up finder and double click on the folder named “Library” Next, double […]

  • Safari 5 High Memory Usage

    Hello World! As you probably know, the new Safari 5 has been released, and of course you have upgraded like i have. However I have noticed something really strange about that wasn’t in Safari 4 or 3, It can sometimes hang up, for quite a while. So I decided to check the Macintosh process manager […]