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  • Kubernetes – Passbolt Kubernetes Deployment

    Kubernetes – Passbolt Kubernetes Deployment

    Passbolt is great. It provides a secure and very useful interface for password/manual secret storage. Both the Firefox addon and iOS App works great, and are easy to setup and use. The available documentation explains installation on most platforms, including Ubuntu and Docker, but no “basic” Kubernetes deployment. With that said, I am aware of…

  • Kubernetes – Connect To Private Container Registry

    Kubernetes – Connect To Private Container Registry

    Now that you are hosting your own registry (… are you?). You probably want to deploy Kubernetes pods from that registry. For this you need two things: Docker registry credentials saved in a Secret imagePullSecrets in deployment pointing to said Secret First, Create secret: Second, Use secret in in deployment. Example: And you’re done 🍔

  • ReadThenBurn – Send Temporary and Secret Messages

    ReadThenBurn – Send Temporary and Secret Messages

    When Universal Clipboard is not enough, and GPG to complicated. Sometimes, you need to send a quick (private) and temporary message that is only valid for a short period. With no permanent storage, data analysis etc. I have published a super simple service for doing just that. It’s called Read Then Burn and, as the…

  • How To: Encrypt/Decrypt File with OpenSSL

    Encrypt/Decrypt File When security and integrity of a file is critical, such as with x509 certificates or other important documents, OpenSSL or other variant can be used to secure the file. With strong encryption and -hopefully- a strong password. OpenSSL is generally available on all UNIX variants, downloadable as an executable for Windows and is…