ReadThenBurn – Send Temporary and Secret Messages

When Universal Clipboard is not enough, and GPG to complicated.

Sometimes, you need to send a quick (private) and temporary message that is only valid for a short period. With no permanent storage, data analysis etc. I have published a super simple service for doing just that.

It’s called Read Then Burn and, as the name implies, allows your to Read something that Then is Burned. By no means an original idea. In fact, a service from has done this for years. And is what, my service, is based upon.

Creating a message is simple, you:

Write the message

Copy/Share the resulting URL

… Share the URL on any medium you can think of. SMS, Email, Chat etc. The intended reader will see:

The message your wrote presented to the intended receiver

After the intended receiver has opened/visited/read the link provided. The message is no longer valid and is deleted or Burned🔥 from the database. If the link is accessed once more, the following message is presented:

All messages created created through the service are encrypted using AES-256-CTR with a random initialization vector for each message.

Give it a try @ !

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