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  • ReadThenBurn – Send Temporary and Secret Messages

    ReadThenBurn – Send Temporary and Secret Messages

    When Universal Clipboard is not enough, and GPG to complicated. Sometimes, you need to send a quick (private) and temporary message that is only valid for a short period. With no permanent storage, data analysis etc. I have published a super simple service for doing just that. It’s called Read Then Burn and, as the […]

  • Toxicity, ramblings revisited

    Running uphill, glooming into the abyss, momentary bliss and [insert cliche here]. Old habits are hard to break. Because who needs boredom, new ideas and short for-the-hell-of-it experiments when there are so many distractions to pay attention to. All for the sweet prosperous addictions spanning an entire pink-ish spectrum of caffeinated fizzy goo, potent brownsticks and […]