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  • iPhone App: SMS Rage Faces – Fooling Around in iMessage

    SMS Rage Faces app for iPhone is a fun way to add a little touch to your text-messages, and fool around with pictures in your camera roll. And best of all, its completely free! Features Include: SMS Rage Faces in 45 categories, and 1400+ Faces in total 170+ Camera Booth Objects All images are optimized […]

  • My Thoughts On iPhone OS 4.0

    When i came home from my vacation, i checked Wikipedia to see if the new iPhone OS 4.0 was released, and it was! So the first thing i did when i came home, i turned on my computer, plugged in my iPhone, and upgraded! It sure took a while, but it was worth it! Although […]

  • Going Up?

    When me and my family where up in Pico Bandama, i decided to check my “GPS Info” app on my iPhone for the altitude. And oh my, we were high up in the sky! See for yourself: As you can see, i checked the altitude at different locations and at different times, feel free to […]