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  • GrapplingIgnorance – Facebook Christianity

    A lovely poem by GrapplingIgnorance, regarding religious individuals using Facebook to share their theistic beliefs. Link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/GrapplingIgnorance

  • Easypeasy Linux 1.6

    News from version 1.6 The developers say that they have been working hard to give the ultimate netbook experience. In the release candidate 1.6, there was a new boot-up system and new graphics, so called “artwork”. The HAL system is no longer used which is said to improve boot-up time and wake-up time. the developers […]

  • Ubuntu Linux Lucid Lynx: Social to Boot

    Like some of the other Ubuntu releases, Lucid Lynx is LTS or “Long Term Support” meaning that the desktop version will be supported for three years and the server version for five years. This version also comes with a netbook version, with improved boot-up time. Now to the stuff i want to talk about, The […]