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  • Docker – Administer Docker Server Remotely With Docker Context (Over SSH)

    Docker – Administer Docker Server Remotely With Docker Context (Over SSH)

    Once you have deployed your single, or multiple, Docker server(s) and find Kubernetes a bit much or overkill. You may want to administer your swarm of containers, much in the same manner as kubectl helps administer Kubernetes pods. This is possible with Docker Context. Here’s how to connect administer your docker runtime(s) remotely using Docker […]

  • Secure SOCKS Proxy Over SSH

    Secure SOCKS Proxy Over SSH

    Tunneling traffic encrypted through a VPN tunnel is not always necessary. If endpoint anonymity is not an issue, or if its just a matter of carrier/LAN distrust. A Socks Proxy SSH Tunnel will be just fine. Initiate the tunnel like so: Where [ssh.endpoint.tld] is your server of choice. Once the connection is active, point your […]

  • How To: Run a Command Quickly on Remote Server using SSH

    When working in a clustered Linux environment containing two or more servers, it is not uncommon to switch back and forth between the hosts. Even if it’s running one command. SSH is a powerful tool, it can do allot more than act as remote shell or tunnel traffic. One of those features is sending a […]

  • How To: TOTP 2FA Linux SSH Using Google-Authenticator

    Using only a username and password for authentication is no longer secure. With user-database dumps reaching millions of exposed, albeit hashed and salted, passwords. Secure authentication should include not only something you know, but also something you have (in your pocket… always). There have been several OTP and general 2FA solutions for Linux. From SMS […]

  • How to: Mount remote storage using sshfs

    For me, SSH has replaced three very flaky protocols. Telnet (true story) for an networked shell, FTP handling simple file transfers and finally NFS mounting network attached storage. SSH provides the -encrypted- networked shell, handles simple file transfers using SCP or SFTP, and has the power to mount filesystems using SSHFS. All in one protocol! […]