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  • WordPress – Enable Redis Object Cache

    WordPress – Enable Redis Object Cache

    In the recent 6.1 WordPress update, the “Site Health Status” check has added an “Object Cache” recommendation. So then, should you install memcached? No, use Redis instead 🙂 Here’s how: First, install Redis Object Cache WordPress plugin as you normally would Second, install Redis on your webserver. Third, go to Settings > Redis and enable […]

  • A Thoughtful Friend – kallamigfia.wordpress.com

    Bästa titeln ever, uppmärksammande karaktärsdrag, samt skamlös publicitet.. 😉 (http://kallamigfia.wordpress.com/2012/07/29/nagot-for-dig-kanske-filip/)

  • WordPress Plugin – WP Minify

    WordPress is great. It does all of the hard work for you, manages Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Layout etc. All of that is great and all, but it could be better. The code contains allot of spaces, comments and other crap that isn’t necessary. One solution would be to open up all of the files […]

  • How To: Add Google Analytics Code to WordPress Manually

    I have already posted a WordPress plugin recommendation on the plugin “Google Analytics for WordPress” and it works great. But there is a few things that I personally find annoying. First of all, it not only adds the Analytics code to the header, but also “Powered by blah blah blah” and I find that egotistic […]

  • How To: Create a Website Favicon (Favorite Icon) Using GIMP

    So, you may have noticed that my blog has a cute litte tux the penguin looking at you through a round little window up in the left (or right) corner of your web browser. What you are seeing is known as a “Favicon” (short for Favorite icon) and it’s used to quickly and simply identify […]