In A Sentimental Mood – Another Day In Solitude

Another day in solitude,
Looking out the window, not much to see, wet ground, some mist
The sky is all white from all the clouds, there’s clouds all day all night, i can’t even see the stars anymore.

Sometimes, you just get a message from a random person, and it can mean so much to you, cause you sit all alone, home, all day and maybe do some… nothing, just sitting by yourself, watching youtube or television, maybe seep a couple of hours, by yourself.

Everything looks so.. still outside, it seems like no one cares if i’m here or what i am doing, and still, at the same time, there is no one who knows what i am thinking about all day, or doing for that matter.

I think long and hard on what i could do, and make some plans to actually do them, but when the time comes, it never seems to go the way as i planed. Yet another day…..


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