Change, For the Better

Wild and Free

I once suffered, thought to much and picked my words a bit to carefully. An almost divine state of demonic self-loathing and clinical depression. With any hint of self awareness adding to the original sin of being born. This last spring, however, something more than pretty birds and flowers hit me. Something out-right beautiful.

My unwarranted and blindly accepted ideals slowly faded into the nothingness from which they came. Bedtime wasn’t the time for melancholic contemplation. Past -painful- experiences lost their value. Empathy became obvious, not a duty. I finally faced the scary concept of adulthood. Happiness switched from momentary bliss to a lifestyle.

Now I see the value on what I do, my choices are based on reality and love for the few I care about the most. I know now how to forgive, asking only for what I really deserve. I expect less in return. The pseudo-man I once was has been forced to entertain, stand-up tall, stop glooming into the abyss and act accordingly.

And to whom do I owe all this? The kind, beautiful, good, wild and free soul who changed me. For the better ♡.


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