MissHannahMinx, She Came Out of Nowhere

Who is this chick? She came out of nowhere! Just like that,and she’s featured. She sits and talks Japanese in front of the camera, and puts it on YouTube, Just like Magibon! Except this one has a point! She talks and she thinks, introducing Hanna Minx!

A normal evening, tired as hell from school, open up my laptop looking at the latest features on YouTube. And whats this? A girl, with HUGE… eyes, talking in front of a camera? Could this be the next Hot For Words? Except this one is giving lessons about the Japanese language, and not weird English words. Jackpot!

In all seriousness, I really like this girl. She’s gorgeous and smart at the same time, and that doesn’t happen very often (Just kiddin’). I really like the way she gives her “JWOW:s”, she has a example for every word she says. It’s clear that she spends allot of time planning, writing, filming and editing. Which will get her far.

To all you Perv Kitties out there, her’s some pics:

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