Violence Is The Answer

Strange title ey? “Violence Is The Answer”, but isn’t it “Violence Is Never The Answer”? That may be true, like the all famous Mahatma Gandhi, he never resorted to violence. But stop and think for a moment, what about the mass extinction of jews during WW2? Then you couldn’t just sit around and watch, the soldiers had to take action and stop the killings.

If you look closely at the peace movements (like the hippie movement), you will notice that the one big reason they got what they wanted was because, the people in power where willing to give it to them. You could almost compare a peace movement to a little child who wont move until he or she gets what he or she wants. It only puts a strain on society, and you don’t become very popular.

If you need something that’s important for you and the people around you, and you need it NOW, Violence Is The Answer. But remember, our society today is ruled by politics and to get involved in politics is the best way to get your point across. I hope this post has made you think and will help you make better decisions in the future.

Oh, i almost forgot, here’s the video i got some of the information:

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