Big and Influential

You are really good at what you are doing, convincing everyone around you to do as you do. You can pop up anywhere, without no one ever knowing how you got there. You can arrive and wait for years for the right moment, while you are convincing your allies to join you. You imitate the normal, so no one will notice that you are there. Then you strike, your allies do as you do, and the force gets bigger

Once you start, you never willfully stop. Some will try to kill you, but the methods are easy for you to dodge. You sometimes cause great pain, and hate in your perimeter. When you have grown big enough to get noticed, you ignore the futile attempts on killing you and keep going at a faster rate. And your allies follow you, like they have been since the beginning.

Some will do everything in their power to get rid of you, some will ignore you, the rest will avoid you. Some will unknowingly attract you, some get you from others. Everyone knows the danger of catching you, and how unstoppable you are. You just keep getting bigger, until you have consumed everything that is of value.

You, Cancer, have caused allot of pain and misery among allot of us. You are an worthy opponent in this organic battle, and I admire your passion. But it’s time for you to leave, and never come back.

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