Unique and Dangerous

You are a creature of two worlds, both loved and hated. Loved for your uniqueness, measuring ability and giving light. Hated for your harmful effects, silence and deceiving appearance. People wondered for centuries how and why you act and behave the way you do, we now know, and the result was far from pleasant.

You are unique, only you and two others have the same ability, but you are the only one who’s nice enough to stay were we can observe you. Your two other relatives are to stubborn to cooperate, but you are always ready, ready to help us understand you. In our own time and comfort. You are good at measuring things we cannot measure ourselves, you helped us see and understand the world around us, with our knowledge and your abilities. You bring light in the presence of electricity and your relative Argentum. You light has sparked new ideas in our minds, how you can help us save our precious energy, and prepare for the future.

You are dangerous and harmful to us which, yet again, took us centuries to find out. Your pleasant appearance and, in combination with others, sweet taste, fooled in to consume you and act careless. Your insidious effect on our fragile little minds, makes us think twice when observing and putting you to good use. Some of us has ignored you completely, the rest of us see your ability for growth. Your deceiving appearance has consumed and caused allot of pain in our lives, while we observe you with eager minds.

You, Mercury, are fascinating. You have both created suffering and helped us in our lives, and I hope you are here to stay. We’ll keep your effects in mind.

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