Loved and Special

Large Gold Ore RockYou are so hard to find, yet, your attractiveness keeps us going. We give you to our loved ones as a symbol of trust and faith. You are considered noble by some of us, you resist the most extreme conditions, and still stand up proud and shiny. Wars have been fought over you, people have died looking for you. You have been known for many centuries, fools have tried to copy you from common materials, and failed miserably.

You are Hard to Find. We have dug you up so much that you are almost impossible to find. Breaking tone after tone of rock, treating them with acid, until we get you out. We fear that some day, you will become to expensive for us to find you, or that the process wont be worth it. But your symbolism will always stay the same. You are Resistant to almost everything, except your enemy Aqua Regia. We use you in corrosive applications, you always fit the job, and does it well.

You are Soft yet Valuable to us. It seems that your status has stayed the same through out the centuries, as well as your properties. Just like your other six relatives, you are considered, by some, Noble. You may not have the Configuration to be considered Noble by Chemists, but you properties are not to far of.

You, Gold, are Loved and Special in many ways. Loved for your value, Special for your properties.

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